1. Safety thermostat, 2. Thermomanometre, 3. Regulation thermostat, 4. Circuit breakers, 5. Command fuse, 6. Thermostat probe, 7. Electrical equipment, 8. Boiler panel, 9. Cable grommets, 10. Automatic air vent, 11. Expansion vessel, 12. Insulation, 13. Boiler body, 14. Heater, 15. Circulation pump, 16. Fill/drain cock, 17. Outlet pipe, 18. Return pipe, 19. Ball valve with a union flat joint, 20. Safety valve


B-line electric boilers are ideal for residential areas and objects where central heating systems are being installed over again. They represent a series of block boilers in which all components, necessary for a complete working process of a mini boiler room, are integrated. In comparison to regular electric boilers, where it is also necessary to install other heating elements, this model contains everything inside its panel. Only pipes go outside the boiler. Therefore, this boiler represents the most beautiful way of electric central heating. The boiler dimensions are compact and designed in that way to provide easy and simple installation.

SMART option: The possibility of relay connection to a boiler for SMS switching on/off

The safety system for pressure fall is installed in B-line electric boilers as well. If for some reason the boiler pressure falls to an insufficient level, the boiler automatically stops working! Double stop system of boiler working process in case of overheating - the first safety thermostat stops heater commands whereas the second stops the heater power.

U standardnoj verziji kotao dolazi sa ozrakom namenjenom za niskomontažno postavljanje. Kotlovi se izrađuju od 4,5 do 36 kW. Do 9 kW priključak može biti monofazni, dok je za ostale obavezan trofazni priključak.

  • ABB and ISKRA noiseless contactors are installed in boilers.

  • Electric boilers are equipped with the three degree regulation of switching on, enabling an effective and economical working process.

  • Boiler dimensions are minimal, thus ensuring simple installation.

  • Boilers are insulated with mineral wool material strengthened with an aluminum foil.

  • Boiler installation set is delivered.

  • Valves are delivered for connection to the heating system.




B-6 *III6 kW6 kW3 x 20 A5 x 1.5 mm26,5 lit3/4"650 mm350 mm220 mm
B-9 *III9 kW9 kW3 x 20 A5 x 2.5 mm26,5 lit3/4"650 mm350 mm220 mm
B-1212 kW6,6 kW3 x 25 A5 x 4 mm28 lit1"650 mm350 mm220 mm
B-12 III12 kW4,4,4 kW3 x 25 A5 x 4 mm28 lit1"650 mm350 mm220 mm
B-1818 kW12,6 kW3 x 35 A5 x 6 mm211 lit1"650 mm400 mm250 mm
B-18 III18 kW6,6,6 kW3 x 35 A5 x 6 mm211 lit1"650 mm400 mm250 mm
B-24 III24 kW12,6,6 kW3 x 50 A5 x 10 mm215 lit1"650 mm460 mm250 mm
B-30 III30 kW12,12,6 kW3 x 50 A5 x 10 mm215 lit5/4"650 mm460 mm250 mm
B-36 III36 kW12,12,12 kW3 x 63 A5 x 16 mm220 lit5/4"650 mm460 mm250 mm

III – three-degree regulation *III – the possibility of three-degree regulation